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Title insurance plays a major role in making certain one of your most important, and often largest, investments is safe and secure by providing protection against loss due to what is called a Defect in Title.

When selecting a Title Agency, it is important to select a LOCAL company that offers personalized, quality service and partners with an A-Rated Underwriter.  A reputable Title Agency provides clear and consistent purchasing information, timely communications, and operates in the security of an authorized company.

A title company’s main function is to conduct a thorough title search of the property, which is a review of all matters affecting the state of ownership. The search also reveals tax information, rights-of-way, or easements for utility companies, as well as identifies if there are unsatisfied liens or claims against a property. There have been instances where even the most careful investigation failed to disclose title defects. For this reason, Buyers purchase title insurance to protect themselves and their lender if a mortgage is involved. Title insurance is actually a package of two separate policies, one covering the Owner, an Owner’s Policy, and the other covering the Lender, a Lender’s Policy.